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Opening Panel Discussion

Theme : The New "Operating Model" For Smart Manufacturing: Agility, Resilience, Flexibility

Supply chain resiliency has always been an important element of competitive advantage to manufacturers. 2020 forced many manufacturers to recognize that resilience is imperative to master current challenges reflecting that change and uncertainty are imminent to the "New Normal". To continue to succeed, there is now an opportunity to reconsider traditional manufacturing operating models by adopting new digital technologies and agile practices.

This session provides insights on how you can optimize a "remote-agile" operating model for satisfied customers, employees, and partners. Furthermore, this session provides insights on how successful companies benefit from opportunities created by the "New Normal" and how agility is the key to success of your organization.

12.00 pm - 01.00 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme : Survive & Thrive: From Managing Unexpected Change To Unlocking Your Business' True Potential With Intelligent Logistics

  • How do you successfully manage and measure change during times of unforeseen crisis? Future-proof operating models to survive long-term change and meet unexpected demand
  • How to implement innovative technologies, transformation strategies and collaboration methods to enhance the efficiency of your supply chain processes
  • Replace outdated logistics architecture with digital, intelligent logistics solutions to reduce operating costs and to compete with global online marketplaces
  • Visualize your network better, including analysis on multiple competing scenarios, with the use of custom dashboards that simplify complex datasets
  • Integrate people, assets and technology across your supply chain to identify and leverage synergies between disparate resources
  • How to work across silos: realising the synergies and maximising the opportunities
  • Mapping, modelling and monitoring to maximize operational resilience across digital and physical supply chains
  • Renovating your supply chain: Putting customer first to be of paramount consideration in the digital era
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01.30 pm - 02.25 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme : New Thinking In Demand & Supply Planning In A Connected World: Optimisation & Synchronisation

Ensuring product availability at the lowest possible cost is critical to survive in the ever-more complex, global and competitive business environment of today. This session will take a deep dive into demand, supply, forecasting inventory management strategies and models to increase supply chain value, in order to provide an appropriate service level to customers while keeping operational costs as low as possible.

  • Right products, right place, right time, right cost – smart replenishment and distribution systems
  • New inventory strategies and models for increased supply chain value
  • Changing face of demand, and how demand planners need to factor in geography into their plans
  • How demand planning has to evolve to meet the omni channel and e-commerce challenges
  • Use of Social Media analytics in demand planning
  • How to connect to create a shared vision and strategy all players stand behind
  • Strategies to Increase E2E visibility - Letting the customer guide your E2E supply chain strategy
02.30 pm - 03.25 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme : What Are The Long-Term Lessons To Be Learnt From Manufacturing During The COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Manufacturers have had to react and adapt their processes in the short-term to the changing demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, but what are the long-term lessons that the industry can take moving forward
  • How has the relationship between line manager and employee, production and supply chain, factory floor and corporate office……. changed
  • What aspects of using data, automation, reporting faults and the use of digitalisation practices irrevocably changed for the future
  • Supply chains have had to react and adapt their processes in the short-term to the changing demands of the COVID-19 pandemic, but what are the long-term lessons that the industry can take moving forward
  • What are the most successful strategies & approaches that businesses have been able to efficiently implement in response to the pandemic and how can these be transitioned into long-term strategies
  • How have relationships across the supply chain changed in terms of communication, collaboration and transparency
  • What aspects of using data, automation, reporting faults and the use of digitalisation practices irrevocably changed for the future
  • hat can manufacturing leaders do to optimise their productivity and operations during a health crisis
03.30 pm - 04.25 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme : Deconstructing The Future Of Work - Are You Ready For Change

  • How can future leaders effectively shape the future direction of work and the workforce
  • How to determine the skills and capabilities your organisation needs for the future world
  • The importance of creating a talent pipeline for the organisation through reskilling
  • Why it is the social responsibility of employers to undertake strategic workforce planning
  • New, innovative approaches to inspire & connect for value-adding employee engagement strategies
  • Unleashing the DNA of success: The success blue print - strategy, process, people & technology
  • Giving your people reason to engage with your organization: Balancing the running wheels of aspiration, recognition & flexibility
  • How to make your employees change agents in your company's journey to customer centricity
  • Designing the employee experience - How well-being, engagement and care can become your competitive advantage in the New Normal
04.25 pm - 04.45 pm
Networking Break
04.45 pm - 05.45 pm
Panel Discussion

Theme : Building Back Better - Rethinking The Supply Chain Ecosystem

The widespread disruption to society caused by COVID-19 has identified the importance of supply chains in providing the products and services that are critical to life and to the economy.

  • How do you anticipate change and shape the future, with manufacturing & supply chain
  • Discuss which digital developments and applications of data will enable your business to drive synchronised decision making and successes across the entire value chain
  • Explore the core pillars for establishing a robust supply chain operation that enables resilience to shocks and speed to adapt to what the future holds
  • How to use your supply chain as a key performance enabler for the business, that provides a strong base for consistent delivery of expanded offerings and new products as they enter the market
  • How the pandemic has changed global supply chains and what the future holds for global trade
  • Assess how businesses must look to reduce complexity and increase flexibility in supply chain operations to strengthen your resilience to future supply chain impacts
  • A seat at the table: How the increasingly dynamic requirements of a supply chain demands a significant stakeholder position when company strategy is outlined
  • Explore the most effective ways to increase transparency with your partners to identify crucial opportunities for improving sustainable & ethical practices, thus limiting waste across your supply chain
  • How you can improve your digital collaboration with suppliers - be that by increasing automated processes for administrative requirements or improved sharing of management and planning systems
  • While there are several short-term pressing concerns, understand the social and financial risks to your business of neglecting sustainability goals
05.45 pm - 06.45 pm
Manufacturing Industry Exclusive

Theme : Gender Equality, Pay Parity And Women Empowerment : Why Are We Lagging Behind

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion & employee wellness - The roads we must cross
  • Past, present and future - A global roadmap of diversity & inclusion
  • New staffing strategies for a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Creating allies to allay fears - Engaging men for including and empowering women
  • Leave no one behind - Removing stumbling blocks to enable disability inclusion
  • Tools to manage a multi-generational workforce in the multigenerational ecosystem
06:50 pm onwards
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