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The 7th Edition of Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit, offers an integrated portfolio of leadership networking, information and professional development sessions for industrial executives in India. Our mission is to help senior executives define and shape a better future for themselves, their organizations and the industry at large. This platform also recognizes individuals and companies who have excelled in their endeavors over the past 12 months.


  • Ensure your business process delivers across all levels in the organisation through the latest in strategy, planning and change management techniques
  • Validate your strategic vision & investment decisions with industry leaders
  • Create value through process improvements by leveraging the latest technology
  • Learn & benchmark from other companies - know the best practices & market trends
  • Streamline your operational process and align these process with your overall business strategy
  • Explore new collaboration opportunities & increase your points of presence in India
  • Interact and forge relationships with the Lean Six Sigma Professionals
  • Play your part in demonstrating India as a manufacturing powerhouse


Be prepared for the future state of manufacturing where new rules of leadership will prevail. Gain applicable insights into successful employee engagement for a new generation.
Feel the pulse of the manufacturing state of business while gathering ideas of the future technologies, trends and user expectations. Find solutions to real business problems by interacting with your peers and gaining a view into the future of manufacturing and supply.
Success today depends upon a deft marriage of new business models and game-changing technologies. Get inspiration and imagine highly intelligent, agile information-driven factories and dynamic teams that can respond rapidly to change.
The culture of the Summit has been described as "welcoming, engaged and passionate". Benefit from the intimate setting of the Summit, which inspires openness and sharing about the strengths and opportunities on others' journey so far.


Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate: Share best practices and philosophies with like-minded leaders, learning what’s working for them, why is it working and how it can work for you.

Relax, Have Fun and Make New Friends: Build the foundation for long-lasting relationships with world-class manufacturing professionals. Keep your contact list building and engines at high rev, while enjoying unique networking events throughout the program!

Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve: Meet with top manufacturing technology innovators and take advantage of their services to improve your bottom line.


Executives seeking to learn, benchmark and share best practices in manufacturing excellence & innovation includingCEO, COO, CIO, Director and Vice presidents of;

  • Engineering
  • Innovation
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Operational Excellence
  • Operations
  • Production & Design
  • Supply Chain
  • R & D


08.00 am – 09.50 am Registrations over breakfast and tea / coffee

09.50 am – 10.00 am Lamp Lighting Ceremony & Welcome Note

  • The digitization of manufacturing impacts every aspect of operations and the supply chain. How to manage your complex business process from product development to manufacturing
  • How smart manufacturing technologies drive process improvements, reduce operational costs, and achieve greater efficiencies and productivity
  • Developing the new mind-set & perspective - As digital content of products grow, how should the current and future workforce respond and what are the new skill-sets needed in manufacturing
  • What are the trends in Industrial IoT / industrial revolution 4.0 / smart manufacturing / advanced manufacturing
  • What are the disruptive innovations in the manufacturing sector. How do enterprises make the necessary decisions to transform
  • Do enterprises have a choice not to embrace these technological trends and yet remain competitive or relevant
  • Is there a place for SMEs in smart/advanced manufacturing
  • How will cybersecurity issues impact the pace of digital transformation and what are the strategies to mitigate the impact

11.45 am – 12.15 am Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

12:15 pm – 12:40 pm Individual Presentation
Theme : Driving High Performance Culture in a Manufacturing Organisation

12:40 pm – 1:05 pm Individual Presentation
Theme : The People Side of Smart Manufacturing Supply Chains

01.05 pm – 02.00 pm Lunch & Networking Break

  • How early in the development process can you have your suppliers involved? What are the constraints
  • How to further develop your supplier relationships and bring them into the process to help grow company’s revenue and profits
  • Next generation procurement metamorphosis: Innovation led transformation
  • Effective strategic directive: Creating a shared services function to leverage spend and ensure only one person or team is negotiating with your suppliers
  • Price to partnerships: How can you better collaborate with your suppliers to drive more value for your customers
  • Supplier compliance: How to gain supplier commitment in achieving ethical business practices and regulatory compliance
  • Supplier driven innovation: How can you get suppliers interested in working innovatively with you over your competitors
  • Which strategies are best for communicating demand changes or seasonal fluctuations
  • Table 1 : The Digitalization/Uberization/Techification of Logistics. Where does that Leave You?
  • Table 2 : How Supply Chain Design Concepts are Transforming the Future of Manufacturing Supply Chains
  • Table 3 : The Next Wave – Where Disruption and Supply Chain Innovation Converge
  • Table 4 : Impact by Design - How Supply Chain Design Concepts are Transforming the Future of Global Health Supply Chains
  • Table 5 : Automotive Supply Chain 4.0 - Evolution or Revolution
  • Table 6 : Omni-Channel: Tackling Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management
  • Table 7 : Developing Proficient Warehousing Strategies to Reduce Cost and Improve the Responsiveness of Your Supply Chain Network

04.15 pm – 04.45 pm Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

  • How to build collaborative relationships in your supply chain to involve customers and suppliers in a vertical collaboration
  • The key moves you need to make to align your organization, people and capabilities for the challenges ahead
  • How to build your own specialist innovation structure and translate innovation investment strategies into ROI and a competitive advantage
  • Integrating end-to-end supply chain collaboration across the business: Manufacturing, R&D, commercial and supply chain
  • Assurance of supply: Why alignment with suppliers is needed across corporations to ensure a seamless flow of high-quality goods
  • Assurance of delivery: How to consider the customer in every aspect of the supply chain by increasing on-time delivery and delivering high-quality, reliable service
  • Financial supply chain: How the purchase-to-pay process intersects with and is informed by physical supply chain events all along the chain
  • IT for global orchestration: Why companies need information from outside their four walls, and the kind of technology they’re adopting that is capable of working across a network of trading partners

07:00 pm Onwards Manufacturing Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2018

08.00 am – 10.00 am Registrations over breakfast and tea / coffee

  • The future of mobility and its impact on manufacturing
  • The science of additive manufacturing and what the future holds
  • Augmented and virtual: The new realities for manufacturing
  • Industrial IoT: Prioritizing investments for a connected future
  • Leveraging the latest technologies to compete in the new digitised environment
  • The importance of customer centricity: Effectively leverage Omni-channel platforms to improve the customer experience
  • How to deliver a new automated architecture while staying operational and managing budgets
  • 3D printing reshapes the supply chain: Print spare parts and components to drive down time and cost barriers in the supply chain
  • Data analytics to improve manufacturing: From predictive to prescriptive
  • How products are developed, to customised manufacturing and streamlining operations

11.30 am – 12.00 pm Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

12.00 pm – 12.30 pm Individual Presentation
Theme : Creating an Agile Supply Chain to Handle Product Development and Timely Product Launches

12.30 pm – 01.00 pm Individual Presentation
Theme : TBA

01.00 pm – 01.45 pm Lunch and networking Break

  • Achieve a remarkable manufacturing culture across your organization to drive engagement, performance and profitability
  • Building sustainable people management strategies to gain and sustain a competitive talent advantage in a single-digit-margin industry
  • Revolutionizing how to attract and develop female talent in manufacturing to meet future workforce needs
  • How do we transform the way we anticipate and overcome the challenges we will face in the next 5 years
  • Radically rethinking collaborative relationships with other manufacturers to fill the industry pipeline with trainable talent
  • What traditional thinking do we need to challenge to effectively develop the manufacturing workforce of the future
  • Rethinking leadership development to ensure ready-now manufacturing leaders who can build high-performing teams
  • Leveraging the millennial workforce through new career development strategies and well-defined competencies

03.15 pm – 03.45 pm Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

  • S&OP process as an enabler to fulfill customer's needs: An industry perspective
  • Product launches: How to create an agile and speedy supply chain strategy that ensures your new products reach your customers on time across all markets
  • How can you use IBP as a key enabler for demand driven strategic and tactical end-to-end planning to meet the needs of your customer
  • Steps to take to re-align your business (and its Supply Chains) with customers and suppliers, including the invaluable 3PL external resource
  • Techniques for securing agile and responsive supply chain partnerships that consider the customer at every level to avoid lost sales, excess inventory and missed innovation opportunities
  • Implementing a fully integrated end-to-end operation from manufacturing to user delivery
  • From customer to collaborator: Getting the most out of customer relationships

05:15 pm Conference Adjourns

Jury Members

Somnath Chatterjee
Somnath Chatterjee Head - Procurement & Logistics
Prashant Sharma
Prashant Sharma President – Operations
Surendra Deodhar
Surendra Deodhar Head - Materials Management
Prasad Joglekar
Prasad Joglekar Sr. VP - SCM
Lt. Col. Vijay Nair
Lt. Col. Vijay Nair VP - Distribution and Logistics,
Ashu Khanna
Ashu Khanna Sr. VP - Supply Chain
Chetan Kumria
Chetan Kumria CEO & Director
Piyush Chaturvedi
Piyush Chaturvedi Sr. VP - Logistics & General Procurement
Vibhas Joshi
Vibhas Joshi Group President - Supply Chain Management
Mohan Jha
Mohan Jha MD
Ajay Jhalani
Ajay Jhalani MD
Devadas C Nair
Devadas C Nair Head - Logistics & Supply Chain
Laxmana Murthy
Laxmana Murthy VP - SCM & Purchase
Ryan Viegas
Ryan Viegas Head – Logistics, APAC
Jasjit Sethi
Jasjit Sethi CEO
Sujoy Guha
Sujoy Guha CEO & MD
Pramod Sant
Pramod Sant VP - Head - Import Export & Export Control & Customs
Vinodkumar Nair
Vinodkumar Nair Head – Procurement & Supply Chain
P V Sheshadri
P V Sheshadri CEO
Procyon Mukherjee
Procyon Mukherjee President & Head of Central Logistics Function
Dr. R. Arunachalam
Dr. R. Arunachalam CEO
Vineet Mehrotra
Vineet Mehrotra MD
S K Krishnan
S K Krishnan VP - Demand Chain (Automotive Division)
Sreedhar Kanboina
Sreedhar Kanboina Director – Procurement, India, APAC & Japan IT functional leader
Neel Kant Saxena
Neel Kant Saxena Director - Supply Chain
Dharmesh Srivastava
Dharmesh Srivastava VP - Supply Chain & Purchase
Jayanti V Sastry
Jayanti V Sastry Sr. VP
Anindya Ray
Anindya Ray CEO
Amit Taparia
Amit Taparia VP - Supply Chain & IT
Jayanta Chatterjee
Jayanta Chatterjee Director – Supply Chain & Area Supply Chain Manager (Middle East)
Somnath Das
Somnath Das Head - Supply Chain & Logistics
Jagadeesh Kunchey
Jagadeesh Kunchey VP - Supply Chain & Logistics
Jaydeep Sagare
Jaydeep Sagare Director - Purchasing & Supplier Management (India)
Avinash Kant Kumar
Avinash Kant Kumar Executive VP - Supply Chain
Prasad Shidhaye
Prasad Shidhaye Director , Regional Operations Development
Swapnil Dubey
Swapnil Dubey Head – Global Supply Chain
Sanjeev Garg
Sanjeev Garg VP & Global Head, Customer Care - CVBU
Vishal Dhawan
Vishal Dhawan VP, ASEAN & India
Prashant Wath
Prashant Wath VP - Manufacturing & Purchase Control
Ashok Jain
Ashok Jain VP - Operations
Tejendra Gohel
Tejendra Gohel VP - Techno Commercial

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