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The 8th Edition of Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit, offers an integrated portfolio of leadership networking, information and professional development sessions for industrial executives in India. Our mission is to help senior executives define and shape a better future for themselves, their organizations and the industry at large. This platform also recognizes individuals and companies who have excelled in their endeavors over the past 12 months.


  • Ensure your business process delivers across all levels in the organisation through the latest in strategy, planning and change management techniques
  • Validate your strategic vision & investment decisions with industry leaders
  • Create value through process improvements by leveraging the latest technology
  • Learn & benchmark from other companies - know the best practices & market trends
  • Streamline your operational process and align these process with your overall business strategy
  • Explore new collaboration opportunities & increase your points of presence in India
  • Interact and forge relationships with Lean Six Sigma Professionals
  • Play your part in demonstrating India as a manufacturing powerhouse


Be prepared for the future state of manufacturing where new rules of leadership will prevail. Gain applicable insights into successful employee engagement for a new generation.
Feel the pulse of the manufacturing state of business while gathering ideas of the future technologies, trends and user expectations. Find solutions to real business problems by interacting with your peers and gaining a view into the future of manufacturing and supply.
Success today depends upon a deft marriage of new business models and game-changing technologies. Get inspiration and imagine highly intelligent, agile information-driven factories and dynamic teams that can respond rapidly to change.
The culture of the Summit has been described as "welcoming, engaged and passionate". Benefit from the intimate setting of the Summit, which inspires openness and sharing about the strengths and opportunities on others' journey so far.


Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate: Share best practices and philosophies with like-minded leaders, learning what’s working for them, why is it working and how it can work for you.

Relax, Have Fun and Make New Friends: Build the foundation for long-lasting relationships with world-class manufacturing professionals. Keep your contact list building and engines at high rev, while enjoying unique networking events throughout the program!

Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve: Meet with top manufacturing technology innovators and take advantage of their services to improve your bottom line.


Executives seeking to learn, benchmark and share best practices in manufacturing excellence & innovation includingCEO, COO, CIO, Director and Vice presidents of;

  • Engineering
  • Innovation
  • IT
  • Manufacturing
  • Operational Excellence
  • Operations
  • Production & Design
  • Supply Chain
  • R & D


08.00 am – 09.15 am Registrations over breakfast and tea / coffee

09.15 am – 09.30 am Lamp Lighting Ceremony & Welcome Note

  • Why Industry 4.0? Insights into the decision-making process for adopting industry 4.0 in your organization
  • Blockchain for Manufacturing: Get to grips with the basics - why invest in industry 4.0
  • Managing upwards by successfully demonstrating brand new data-drive revenue streams
  • Understanding the real new skills that will be needed for the 4th Industrial Revolution; now and in the next five and ten years
  • The collaboration effect: Factory of the future
  • How supply chain design concepts will transform the future of manufacturing supply chains
  • Future of manufacturing digital transformation - The process of refining manufacturing and evolution into industrial 4.0
  • Engaging, developing & recruiting your workforce to avoid a skills gap cost reduction methods

11.00 am – 11.30 am Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

  • Understanding both the opportunities and challenges presented by the rapid pace of advancement of digital technology
  • How these opportunities and challenges are impacting industries today
  • What priority areas should the industry focus on immediately to help prepare for an increasingly digital and more connected future
  • Focusing on customer collaboration, cost optimization, talent development and the digital supply chain
  • Transforming the traditional decentralized supply chain model into a new, distributed end-to-end digital ecosystem
  • What's next?: Discussing "Future of Work" in the supply chain

01:00 pm - 01:45 pm Lunch & Networking Break

  • Are your supply operations equipped to compete for a faster more flexible future
  • Understanding the changing consumer in the market and how it impacts manufacturing technology, production lines and supply chains
  • Establishing a world-class manufacturing and operational excellence strategy in your product supply operations
  • Best tool and techniques for getting your supply chain right
  • Capturing the dynamism that people can bring to the flow of goods and services
  • Working across silos: Realising the synergies and maximising the opportunities
  • Innovative intelligent warehousing management systems and solutions
  • Delivering operational improvements: What works, what doesn't
  • How to implement the same lean & OpEx strategies across multiple plants
  • Table 1 : Roadmap for digital transformation - Creating a next generation supply chain
  • Table 2 : Driving change through leadership - "What does great leadership look like?"
  • Table 3 : Developing a robust supply chain - How to withstand the everchanging risks and demands
  • Table 4 : Talent management - Why people are your supply chain's most important key to innovation and growth
  • Table 5 : Imagining the future - How can we make use of new technology to gain a competitive advantage
  • Table 6 : Automotive supply chain 4.0 : Automation, innovation & globalization - What will future automotive supply chains look like
  • Table 7 : Industry leadership - Pharma best practices in supply chain excellence

03.45 pm – 04.15 pm Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

  • Integrate to accumulate: How demand planning, forecasting and S&OP work together to drive growth
  • The people puzzle: Identifying required skills and hiring the best talent to deliver strategy
  • Graduating to the big leagues: Implementing S&OP to successfully scale and manage growth
  • Forecasting the unforecastable: How to align and manage demand for new products
  • Disruptive supply chains: Managing demand and supply in a global supply chain
  • Stop reacting & start predicting: How to improve demand planning for better demand reviews and decision making
  • Big data, bigger answers: Gaining actionable insights from data and predictive analytics, and proper metrics
  • Balancing act: Optimizing the S&OP supply review process to meet demand
  • Going beyond supply chain: Integrating S&OP with financial & strategic planning for a new era

07:00 pm Onwards Manufacturing Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2019

08.30 am – 10.00 am Registrations over breakfast and tea / coffee

  • Now, not tomorrow: The impact of AI, data visualization & B2B marketplaces on procurement
  • Rethinking operating models: Accelerating business performance through workforce innovation
  • Moving towards a virtually integrated function: Accelerating time to market, improve quality and reduce costs
  • Collaborative innovation: New ways to generate value from your suppliers & outpace competitors
  • Connected procurement: Adopting the next generation mobile applications for streamlined decision making
  • What are the steps to switch from continuous improvement to proactive value creation
  • What will spend management technology look like in the near future and what will be the impact of innovation on the purchasing function
  • Utilize Block-chain as a valuable tool for procurement and supply chain in the quest for transparency

11.30 am – 12.00 pm Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

  • How to access complete stock visibility throughout your network and control the way you move stock with an efficient inventory strategy
  • Understand the benefits of inventory optimization: Releasing working capital in times of growth, improve turns, reduce inventory holding costs and enjoy greater customer satisfaction
  • Coordinate your order management strategy: How to align dynamic order routing with your replenishment strategy for successful inventory distribution
  • Redesign your network to increase operational efficiency: How to utilize an IT platform, network tools and fully connected systems to optimize your operations
  • Leverage a smart distribution network: How to conduct network studies to identify the best ways to align your fulfilment capabilities across multiple sales channels
  • Developing proficient warehousing strategies to reduce cost and improve the responsiveness of your supply chain network

01.00 pm – 01.45 pm Lunch and networking Break

  • Why are suppliers seen as an integral part of product design, innovation, and long-term profitability
  • How proper Supply Relationship Management (SRM) and supplier benchmarking help contribute to success
  • Aligning all divisions on the SRM program, and how to help generate value. Building internal and external teams that seamlessly function as a cohesive unit
  • Effectively benchmarking your suppliers' performance and determining the most vital suppliers to your organization's success
  • Understanding how leading organizations are measuring value beyond savings and how suppliers can deliver
  • Measuring total supplier value, including quality, innovation, scale and technology adoption

03.15 pm – 03.45 pm Tea / Coffee & Networking Break

  • The latest technologies & strategies for visibility, flexibility and speed
  • Transparency, control and synchronisation across all manufacturing and supply chain operations, including production, quality, labour, maintenance and material flows
  • Training and Retaining a customer centric team - The future workforce of supply chain
  • Cognitive logistics optimization - Moving forward with artificial intelligence
  • Design your network for your customers: How you can use a customer centric approach to design your network architecture to respond quicker to market changes and increase customer satisfaction
  • Innovations in supply chain architecture to meet the new demands of digital business
  • The importance of delivering your brand experience to consumers: What this means in requirements from logistics’ systems, and how your CRM systems as well as operations teams need to work

05:15 pm Conference Adjourns

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